Workshops mit Shaina Cruea am 29. und 30.09.2017 



♥ Shaina Cruea is coming to PoleCats Switzerland ♥

Freitag 29.09.2017

17.30 - 19.00 Uhr
contemPOLEary DANCE’ography - All Levels

This choreography-based workshop will start with a 30-minute contemporary dance warm-up along with a bit of conditioning. Dancers will learn specific fluid, yet not confined, contemporary choreography. Shaina creates and environment of open experimentation and will encourage dancers to take risks and make deliberate stylistic choices. 

19.30 - 21.00 Uhr
THE THREE S’s - Shaina’s Spins on Static - Interm./adv.

Get those callouses ready or prepare to build thicker ones! This workshop will start with conditioning to develop and prepare the body for the core strength you will need to make these spins look powerful yet effortless, followed by a focus on getting the most revolutions possible out of advanced static spins. You'll learn how to create dynamic rotation using the proper technique to enter and exit these unique static spins. (this is not a flow based class)


Samstag 30.09.2017

10.30 - 12.00 Uhr
Perfect Lines - Beginner/Intermediate (auch höhere Levels sind herzlich willkommen)

Do you desire lines that people never forget? This workshop will teach you the tricks of the trade!! Students will immerse themselves in a 30-minute leg intensive warm-up to insure their muscles are nice and gooey. Whether we are working on a static spin or holding a pose on the spin pole, students will learn the artful technique of perfecting their lines. Making them look longer, leaner and as if energy is shooting down their limbs, out through the tips of their toes and fingers!

12.30 - 14.00 Uhr
With Power Comes Grace - Intermediate/advanced 

Who says power moves can't be graceful and fluid? In this workshop, students will learn to transform those often-rigid strength tricks into smooth, flowing sequences. Starting with dynamic, strength-building techniques focusing on shoulders and arms, students will then learn fluid sequences that incorporate handsprings, ayeshas, and more on either static or spin pole!


CHF 80.00 pro Workshop 

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Buche 3 oder alle 4 Workshops und bezahle pro Workshop nur noch CHF 75.00 !

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Wer noch nicht genug hat, hier noch weitere Informationen zu Shaina Cruea:

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Shaina has studied various forms of dance for over 25 years. Her professional training began in high school when she was selected to attend the VA Governors School for the Arts. After performing in numerous productions, Shaina decided to further her knowledge of dance and its history by attending Old Dominion University and obtaining her BA in Dance Performance. While in college, Shaina continued to hone her technique and performance abilities with Virginia-based contemporary ballet/modern dance companies from 2004-2009. In 2010, Shaina made the move to NYC in search of new opportunities in the dance world.

2014 United Pole Artists Contemporary Category video challenge 
2014 United States National Pole Champion
1st Place - Professional Division
2014 Atlantic Pole Champion
1st Place - Professional Division 
2014 Florida Pole Fitness Championship
3rd Place - Professional Division 
2013 Super Shag Pole Fitness Championship
2nd Place - Level 3
2013 United States National Pole Championship
2nd Place - Level 3
2013 Atlantic Pole Championship
2nd Place - Level 2 

Wir freuen uns auf wunderbare 2 Tage mit euch! ♥

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