Hanka Venselaar

♥ We are so happy to have amazing HANKA VENSELAAR with two workshops at our studio ♥

11.30 - 13.00 Pole Gymnastics

Gymnastics and pole dancing have a lot in common. In this workshop Hanka will use her 15 years of experience as a gymnast to focus on the gymnastic elements behind pole dancing. Discover the secrets of handstands, cartwheels, backflips and walkovers on and off the pole and improve your pole skills with correct basics. 

Requirements: Pole Sit, Climbs and already existing experience in inverts

Level: All Levels (please indicate your level, at signing in!)
Price: CHF 80.00

13.30 - 15.00 Creative Combos

Hanka is known for her original and innovative combinations. During this workshop, we will first work on some very useful transition moves that will enable you to make the most creative combo’s. In the 2nd part of this workshop we will play the famous Combination Game in which you will explore and create your own new combo’s!

Requirements: comfortable in inverts

Level: Intermediate (please indicate your level, at signing in!)
Price: CHF 80.00

Price Special: CHF 150.00 if you book both workshops

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Want to know more about Hanka?

Triple Benelux & European Champion
Dutch National Champion 2015 & Winner Dutch International PoleArt 2015
Finalist Worlds 2011/2012, Winner “Best PoleTricks” Worlds 2011 
Finalist IPSF Worlds 2012/2015
1st runner up World Cup 2014, 1st runner up Pole Classic Las Vegas 2015
2nd runner up IPSF World Pole Artistic Championships 2017
Winner Pole Art Croatia & Pole Art Spain 2017, 2nd runner up Pole Art France 2017
IPC 2018 Polefit Champion


Hanka has been a competitive gymnast for over 14 years. Since 2006 she has applied all of her experience in gymnastics into the field of Pole Dancing. Since 2007, she has taught master classes and workshops all over the world including the USA, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Poland, and Sweden, UK, Brazil, Japan, Singapore and Chili. Currently, Hanka teaches workshops/privates for her own company ‘Studio Ad Astra’ and groupclasses held at the University Sport Centre in Nijmegen. Her group of students consist of all levels from beginners to elite athletes. Hanka has been successful in competitions for years. She won both the Benelux and European Championships 3 times, competed in several worlds finals (and earned the title for “Best Poletricks” in 2011). She placed 2nd in the Pole WorldCup 2014, won Dutch International PoleArt and 1st runner up during the Pole Expo Pole Classic in Las Vegas and more recently placed 3rd in the IPSF World Artistic Pole Championships, won Pole Art. Spain and Croatia 2017 and won the Polefit title durin IPC 2018 in Brisbane.